Now is the time to Maximize Your Impact, Monetize Your Message and Build a Community of Raving Fans.

Monetize Every Stage You Step on!

The Standing Ovation

After spending the past 30 years as an event produer, I have witnessed thousands of speakers, good ones and bad ones.  I have found so many don’t know what they don’t know and ultimately fail to engage the audience and get that standing ovation they are seeking. I operate in the speaking world. I guide, teach, and help speakers, experts, and gifted messengers to stand out and be noticed. Speaking IS the fastest way to grow your business and showcase your knowledge and expertise. Execute correctly and you will have your audience standing up and wanting more. It’s time for you to be The Expert in your Niche!

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Business of Speaking

It’s not just another speaking gig it’s the art of making the most of every opportunity to monetize your time on stage.

To get on bigger stages in front of bigger audiences it’s a pay to play arena. But there’s so much more to it than this.

We will show you how to make the best of your time on stage and off. We will cover all the hidden ways of getting asked back and getting more speaking opportunities.

Let us help you learn the business behind speaking to help you get on more stages, make more money, and be the speaker that gets asked back over and over again.


Stage Presence

Fear can cause you to use stage crutches.

We’ve all been there. Hiding behind the speaker podium so they cannot see your knee’s shaking. Reading from your presentation word for word. Stuttering on your words or trying to rush through it.

Our Academy 4 Speakers will help you not only get over speaking fears but show you key tips to capture your audience.



Our training will help you pull together a winning presentation.

Color, text size, and the amount of text are all keyways to keep your audience interested. We share tips to not only pull together an award-winning presentation but show you ways to deliver your message with ease.


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Our Academy 4 Speakers will cover an array of topics to help you become a speaker people want back!

Have you had moments where your speech simply flopped?
We will teach you how to ask the right questions to be fully prepared for your time on stage and get it right every time.

Have you walked away with less in your wallet then when you walked in?
We will show you how to monetize and make money from stage.

Have you ever wondered why you never got asked back, but have seen other speakers get asked back over and over again?
We will show you simple tips to increase your likeliness to get asked back and possibly be their keynote speaker every year.

If you want to become a better speaker and learn how to monetize from stage, then check out when our next Academy 4 Speaker Event takes place.

How to be a Paid Speaker with
Academy4Speakers Coach Toni Caruso

8-Second Branding Podcast

Learn how to get paid speaking gigs by listening to this 8-Second Branding Podcast with Academy4Speakers Founder Toni Caruso and your Host and Goody PR Founder Liz H Kelly.

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The Art and Business of Speaking – with Toni Caruso

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