I get asked all the time, what is the secret sauce to get on stages. The answer is very simple ~ help fill the room. What you say? I’m not the event planner or host. No you are not; but you need to understand that filling events is an art. Most planners are not great artists. They rely on their community to fill the room (virtually or live). But what if their community is not large; or not interested in attending. They have to use all their tools in their tool kits to be those butts in seats. It is hard work, especially now that there are so many virtual events competing for the audiences time.

As an event producer, I love it when my speakers help fill my events. I don’t know why so many speakers don’t help; is it that they don’t want “Their People” to be a part of anyone elses’ group. That is just selfish. Most event planners will give their speakers affiliate links so they can track where each attendee originated. If you are smart and want to be asked back again and again, promote the hell out of the event. Some hosts actually give you money back for each person you bring in ~ what is stopping you for helping?

As the production staff if they have social media posts with swipe copy (short copy that they can cut and paste) for you to share. It takes minutes to schedule these posts add your affiliate link and walk away. Put the link in your newsletter. Announce that you are speaking at the event and would love to have my community in the room. It is really simple and easy to accomplish.

You want an audience Right? So why make it the event hosts job to get a great audience for you to present to. Recent studies have found that in the last 6 months, since LIVE events have been sidelined; virtual events are not getting the audiences they would have had if the event was LIVE.

If I see that a speaker is continually bringing 20+ people into my events; I am going to ask them to speak time after time, especially if their audience is engaged, connecting and converting. I will have them stop by and talk time and again.

You wanted to know how to help getting on stages; now you do. What are you going to do with that information? Let me know how your speaking business grows when you put this all into action.