Affiliates and Influencers

Strategic Partnerships are a great way to make money and fill your event at the same time. Here are two specific partnerships you should always be looking for:


An Affiliate is someone who has a similar audience or client base. The idea is for you to give them a “kick-back” for every ticket they sell to your event. This can be as much as 50% or as little as 10% it is up to the two of you. If they are going to do more than just post it on their website, they deserve a larger portion of the pot. The more they get back, the harder they will work to sell those tickets. If their reach is in the thousands, you can really benefit from the relationship. Your tickets get sold and your room fills up with your “ideal clients.”


An Influencer is someone who has a very large following, usually on Instagram and Facebook. They are the ones who will “talk-up” your event and move people into your funnel, or to your event page. You can make an affiliate deal with them as well. Or, even better, invite them to attend your event at no cost, then have them live posting throughout the event to their pages tagging you. Make sure you have an event # so they can use it on their posts. This will give you a lot of great social coverage and a wider audience for your current and future events.

Stay tuned for information about Sponsorships in our 4th and Final Post.