Sponsorships – Turn Yourself into a Race Car Driver!

You see race car drivers, their cars are covered with advertising as well as their jumpsuits; these are all money making opportunities. You can do the exact same thing at your events. There are many sponsorships and many levels you can offer so that your potential partnerships will choose the level that works for their budget. With their sponsorship (cash) they then receive marketing opportunities, for example:

Title Sponsor: $ Largest Amount

  • 45 Minutes on your stage with opportunity to sell
  • Full Page Advertisement in your Program
  • Company Logo on all marketing items
  • Company Name: Sponsored by: on front cover of your program
  • Recognized on Event Page and all social media posts
  • Prime Location for their display table (could offer double the size)
  • Name on Swag bag (location you determine)
  • Their marketing items included in the swag bag
  • Thank you them from stage & Listed in the top spot in the Thank You Page in Program

Lunch Sponsor: $ Cost of the Lunch + profit:  Figure out the cost of your lunch then add a profit

  • 10 Minutes in front of the luncheon guests
  • Full Page Advertisement in your Program
  • Lunch Sponsored by _________ on all marketing items
  • Lunch Sponsored highlighted on Event Page & Social Media
  • Prime Location for their display table
  • Their marketing items placed at all tables at the luncheon
  • Signage on all tables: Lunch Sponsored by ____________
  • Listed in the Thank You Page in the program
  • Their marketing items included in the swag bag

Coffee Break Sponsor: $ cost to cover the coffee break price with a little profit added. You can do this same thing for a Dessert Sponsor

  • 1/2 Page Advertisement in the program (placement your choice)
  • Coffee Break Sponsored by _____________ on signs at the coffee station
  • Listed in the Thank You Page in the program
  • They can also add promotional stir sticks/cozy’s etc. at their own cost
  • Vendor Table

Other types of sponsorships:

Registration sponsor: Name is placed on the back of all name badges.

Centerpiece Sponsor: You choose what you want to put on the tables; they pay you to cover that price. Or this can be a trade from a florist who brings in the centerpieces. You then can raffle them off.

Pen Sponsor: The cost of the pens for each guest with the sponsors name on them, plus a bit extra.

These are just some of the types of sponsorships, there are endless opportunities. These are all the Race Car Sponsorships; now for your Personal Sponsorships.

If you are a speaker and are in front of numerous people every month; you have a great opportunity for sponsorships. You can have your hair, make-up, clothing, shoes, favorite drink. Think this is crazy, not at all. You can promote your hair dresser on your social media; place their name on your marketing items and all they have to do is make sure your hair is great. This can be cut and color or a blow-out before your events. Think about how many times people come up to you and say “I love that hair cut or that color?” Why not use that opportunity to promote your hairdresser.

The same thought process can be used for make-up and clothing. If you have a specific “brand look” and love a specific store, or on-line company. Why not ask them if they would like some free promotions. You will make sure you wear their products on stage, in your Instagram photos and Facebook posts noting their clothes and their hashtags. All they have to do is give you your clothes for free. It’s a win-win.

I am only hitting a few of the ways to use sponsorships. Take a few minutes and think of strategic partnerships that you currently have and how to turn them into your sponsors. List the opportunities for the sponsors and divide them into your sponsorship levels. The larger the audience the more your can ask. You will be counting your profits way before you start filling your room.