As an event producer I have seen all types of people attend all types of events. I always try to make the guest experience a positive one for all involved. Unfortunately, things happen, and people get upset. Not the best way to begin a relationship with your guests. So, I have put together the 5 Top Things You Should Do as a Guest to make sure your event experience is wonderful from beginning to end.

  1. BRING YOUR CONFIRMATION: The volunteers at the check in desk are just that “volunteers”. They did not send you your confirmation, nor do they know you from the next person. If you want to make sure you receive everything you are entitled to; you MUST bring your confirmation with the details written out. Do you get VIP Lunches? Do You Get Preferred Seating? Do You Get Extra Swag? Don’t count on the reception desk to have everything perfect. The larger the event, the more difficult it is to have everything perfect. Help yourself and the volunteers; bring your confirmation. It is best to have it printed out; that way they can keep it for their follow-up records.
  2. RESEARCH THE PARKING: Every event host should inform you what the options are for parking. Be sure to find out so you are not surprised. A lot of times the event participants received a discounted parking cost. Ask the event volunteers for the discount tickets when you arrive. If parking is not included, know what the cost will be, so you are not surprised. If there is additional parking in the area; hopefully the event producer will send you this information, if not, there are apps to find local parking. You can also contact the hotel and ask the concierge.
  3. DRESS IN LAYERS: If you have never been on a stage you may not understand the heat that emanates from the lights. Add to that the stress of being on stage and speakers fight sweating on stage. To counteract the sweat, they usually keep the air conditioning on low. They also don’t want the room too hot, so people will get comfortable and fall asleep. If you are like me and are always cold; dress in layers. You can add on or take off as needed. It is very difficult to listen and keep attentive when you are freezing cold.
  4. LUNCH! When you are researching the parking, you need to research the restaurants in the area. Most large hotels and conference centers have restaurants onsite; check them out to make sure they have something you can eat. Most good event producers will also give you a list of restaurants in the area that you can walk to or drive to in the time allotted. Some people love to bring their own lunch and sit outside and enjoy some sunshine in the middle of the day.
  5. RESPECT THE EVENT: If you have RSVP’d that you are coming, please show up. Be on time and stay though the entire event. There is a reason you paid for this event; or maybe you won the tickets; please show respect for those people who have produced, coordinated, organized and showed up to share their knowledge with you. Turn off your phones and put them away. Leave your computer in the bag and pull out a pen and paper. Listen, learn, network and be present. Don’t be the 10% who always Don’t Show! You may just learn something new that will move your business or your life forward.

BONUS: Speakers are going to sell to you. Don’t get mad and write nasty comments. This is how they make their living. If you want to be a speaker, you will find that travel costs become an issue when you are not being paid to speak. In order to make back their expenses, they offer opportunities to work with you. Know that you are going to be given an opportunity to work with them; that does not mean you have to purchase the opportunities. Sit, listen and learn from them. You may find yourself in the same spot so you may learn the “perfect” way to offer your opportunity when listening to others do it right and do it wrong.

I hope you have learned a few things and that your next event experience will be an exceptionally great one. If you would like to know about events in your area, join my Complementary VIP Group and receive discounts for events along with downloadable information to help you as a speaker, guest or host. Go to: