A Few Rules of the Virtual Road

I have been on so many virtual events that I actually pinched a nerve in my back. Not fun! Let’ put that aside for the moment. Virtual Events have become our full-time jobs, and quite the learning experience. The main thing that I have noticed is that people DO NOT understand the etiquette of the Virtual Experience.

Play with me a minute, close your eyes (Ok you can’t and also read the rest, but you understand) just remember the last LIVE event you attended. You got your seat, put out your notebooks and got excited to hear from some great speakers. Now imagine that during the presentation you hear someone say out loud to everybody, “Hi Judy, so glad to see you!” or “I have a program that will teach you how to write a book” or even better; “Hey everyone say hi, write down your email for me” All the while, you are trying to listen to the speaker and consistently, people are selling their products, commenting on the speaker, or just say Hi! How distracting and rude would that be?

In this virtual world, people seem to think it’s ok to continually “talk” in the chat throughout the programs. It’s as though everyone around you was having conversations which distracted you from the speakers’ message. So, I have put together a few rules of the virtual road:

  • If you want to connect with someone, do it privately, that way the intended person would be the only one to see it. If it is a webinar and you aren’t able to privately chat, get their name off their picture and connect offline on Facebook. Or if they are a friend, send them a text by phone.
  • If the Speaker Says something like “Can I get an Amen,” then you put Amen in the Chat.
  • If the Speaker asks “Show me your Word for the Year” then put your word in the chat.
  • If the Speakers asks for questions in the chat, by all means write down your questions.
  • Just because you are not LIVE and you are not speaking out loud, you are still annoying the other people in the event.

By the way,you know why people want to have you put your emails in the chat? It is so they can add them to their nurture campaign, and you will then receive all their wonderful emails. No one wants that. If the speaker offers a FREE download and wants you to put your contact info into the chat, then by all means do it if that is what you want. Send it privately if possible. Just because you have scruples doesn’t mean other people do.

Stop commenting on the speaker’s presentation during their talk. They are not reading these. When they are done, then share your thoughts in the chat and they will definitely check them out after they are finished. But make sure you do it privately if possible. If not, don’t do it during the next speakers’ presentation.

Virtual Networking Events are a bit different. Each host may have their own rules. Just ask what you can and cannot do. Remember like LIVE events, if you don’t behave in a way the “host” requires of their audience, you will not be invited back.

Simply think about it this way. If you are up on stage presenting to a group, what would you like your audience to be doing? Connecting with each other and having conversations or listening to