How’s that box you been living in? You know that Zoom Box! Is it showing the world how amazing you are?

I hope the answer is Yes, but I have been on so many networking zoom calls and I am still amazed at what I see and hear. That small box on the screen in YOUR stage and most people are not treating it that way. We have been locked down for a year now, if you haven’t yet learned how to show-up professionally on a virtual meeting, no wonder you are not moving forward with your business.

Think of it this way. You show up for a coffee meeting (live) to connect with a possible new client. You show up in your “comfy clothes,” sit in a corner with a window behind you and your hair is up covered by a baseball cap. Do you think you will get the business? Not a great first impression.

The same is true in the virtual world. So I am going to go over this one more time:

  • Take a shower and get dressed up (at least from the waist up)
  • Do your make-up as if you were meeting someone live and in person
  • Turn the camera on and look at yourself in the screen before you jump on the link. Are you…
    • Sitting in a cave? Have the light in front, not in back of you
    • In the center of the screen? Your eyes should be level with your camera lens. I do not want to look up you nose or down at the top of your head.
    • Wearing clothing that enhances your look (stay away from busy patterns)
  • Keep yourself muted. I cannot believe how many personal conversations have been shared to an entire group of people because someone forgot to mute themselves. The host is busy an sometimes cannot get to it fast enough. Think of it as walking into a classroom where everyone is taking a test (hear the quite), but YOU are having a heated conversation on your phone. It is very disruptive.

Last but certainly not least, stop selling your products. When you are asked to introduce yourself, introduce yourself. They are not asking you to take 60 seconds and sell your products. Say your name, your company and how you support your ideal client. You don’t support them by selling the skincare; instead “you make women feel young and vibrant so they can start their day feeling optimistic and confident.” Share the benefit or outcome.

We are not leaving the virtual world for a long time. Even when we go back to LIVE events, they will have a hybrid option. This box is YOUR stage, make the most of it and you will see the difference in your business and in your life.