There are a lot of companies out there doing great things. Some are amazing at getting your attention, or they have a cool logo, or they market their products in a unique way, but one company stands above the rest. APPLE

Wouldn’t you love to have people lined up around the corner for days just to be the first ones to purchase your products or services. They are not doing rocket science; but what they do accomplish is brand recognition. You know an Apple product the minute you see it. So what can we learn and use in our own business to generate this type of loyalty? Here are my top 5 tips; please read them all and especially the last one; it is the key to Apple’s success:

  1. Innovation: We all know that Steve Jobs did not invent the phone. What he did was make it smarter. So, stop trying to invent the newest most amazing product and look at what is currently out there. Can you make it better, more efficient, more exciting? Innovation is the key.
  2. Logo: We all know the Apple logo when we see it. It’s an Apple, but also it is simple, clean, and sleek. I see a lot of entrepreneurs who spend a lot of money to have the perfect logo. It has several colors, lots of words and difficult to read. Keep it simple stupid is an old but very smart saying. You need to listen. Make your logo fit your brand, business and easy to replicate in color, black and white or when it is translucent. You never see a big red apple on any of the Apple products. They steer away from color which gives them a very high-end feel to their brand.
  3. Looks don’t change: You need to stop reinventing yourself. Notice that Apple never changes the “look” of their product, what they do change is the technology. Maybe the phone is bigger or has more cameras; or possibly the computer becomes thinner. The look of the product stays the same. Make your product better continually; but keep your brand consistent. Consistency is key in everything you do. Changing things up just confuses your customer base.
  4. Benefits vs. Features: Have you ever asked an engineer what time it is? My husband is an aerospace engineer and I never ask that question because his answer would start with how the watch was made; 10 minutes later I would finally find out the time. Stop talking about all the features your product or service includes and start talking about the benefits to the customer when they use your product/service. We want to know, what can YOU do for ME! I don’t care how you do it, I want to know that you CAN do it!
  5. Power of Your Story: We all love a good story. When we were small it was the fairy tales we were told and they all had happy endings. We still want that happy ending. Apple has proven this in a powerful way. If you haven’t seen their latest commercial, WATCH THIS ONE NOW! In this brilliant marketing strategy Apple shares three actual emergency calls. The stories are gripping. Never once in this commercial do, they promote or sell you an Apple Watch. But after watching, I for one, wanted to go out and purchase one immediately. Apple marketers give you the happy ending without selling you; it is inferred. They showed the benefit of having their product and nothing about the features it has or how it works. It shows beautifully the power of stories. What is your story; how can you use it to explain your business or product? Think about it, write about it and then start sharing it. You will see the difference almost immediately.

If you can take a step back and look at what you look like to your ideal customers. What are they seeing when they come to your website; what do they hear when you talk about your business and how do you show-up on social media? I know this is not brain surgery; but it could be the impotence for you to make some remarkable changes in your business. I can’t wait to hear or see your story soon.