VIP’s Need to Feel VIP!

You are all excited to attend your VIP day/weekend; you have paid a premium price to be there, purchased plane tickets, transportation costs and hotel accommodations. You went out a bought a few items of clothing so you could make THE best impression on your coach and the other attendees. With your new journal in hand you arrive early for the continental breakfast only to find plastic containers of mixed fruit and a cardboard box filled with Costco muffins. You pick up your flimsy paper plate and plastic fork and get some nourishment down and try to keep your expectations high. No coffee and only water greets you in the back of the room. Your VIP lunch experience consists of food delivered from a local restaurant and presented in aluminum containers with plastic spoons. You end up not feeling too VIP by the end of the day.

The content of your event is important, the venue is super important. Don’t ruin all your hard work by going cheap on the food. I have spent thousands of dollars attending VIP Days, Weekends and Masterminds only to be served pizza out of a stack of boxes or little to no food at all. The cost of the event should be represented by the location, food and total experience. If your guests stomachs are empty, they cannot focus on the message you are sharing.

There are ways to save money on your F&B without making it look like it:

  • If you must purchase the food and beverage from the venue work with them to find ways to keep the cost down, but not the quality. Have your guests do breakfast on their own and just offer a nicer luncheon menu. Or have breakfast and then lunch on their own.
  • Bring food in from an outside caterer or restaurant. This is the best option; your cost of the food will definitely be lower. The key here is presentation. When the food arrives, replace it into nice glass serving dishes and platters. Dress up the table, layer with table cloths, place items at different heights. Presentation can make an inexpensive meal look top drawer!
  • If you are using plastic plates and utensils, spend the extra money on the higher quality items.
  • Beverages: Individual drinks (sodas/water bottles, etc.) place them in containers filled with ice, don’t just put them on a counter in rows. Purchase cartons of ice tea and pour into glass containers. You can use beautiful pitchers or glass dispensers. Fill them up with water and add sliced lemon, cucumber or strawberries. Your guests will be impressed.
  • Don’t forget the guests with food issues. Make sure you have options for vegans and vegetarians; items that are gluten and dairy free. If you can find out prior to the event what those “special requirements” are, you can make sure those issues are handled. You don’t know mad until you have been confronted by a guest with food requirements that are not met! Don’t go there!

I always talk about the “experience” of the event, food can make or break that experience. Sit down and walk through your event from a guest perspective. If you make those small adjustments, you will be sure your VIP’s will not only feel special, but want to come back again and again. Getting a client to sign up for an event or coaching course is hard enough, don’t lose them over paper plates.

Here’s to a great year of great experiences.

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