A lot of entrepreneurs have a money mindset that keeps them from making what they are worth. I don’t want to talk services or products today, I want to talk about events. You need to stop trying to fill events for FREE!

How many times have you downloaded a Free Giveaway and not used it? Or, been invited to a meet up group and woke up a bit tired and decided to blow it off? If you had paid a significant amount of money for either, you may have thought twice about using the download or getting in the car and attending? I that is a YES!

So why are you trying to fill your events by giving it away. Your time, energy, venue, food, beverage, handouts, etc. cost money. Figure out your costs and add them into your ticket price. You can just cover your costs; or make a bit more on top. Did you know that Southern California has the highest “no show” rate in the country? Why? Because people in LA wake up and if there is an accident on the 405 or if it is raining; they don’t leave the house.

If they don’t have “skin in the game” they will find a reason NOT to attend. So make it worth their time and energy to show up. Figure out what that cost would be? $10 a ticket, $20 a ticket or $197 a ticket. You need to determine the right amount for your audience. How do you do that? Go to similar events in your area. What do they charge and what do they offer? Make your’s offer so juicy that your ideal clients won’t think twice about registering.

When they Don’t Pay, they Don’t Show! Don’t give them the choice.